2018 Evaluations

Cochrane Minor Baseball Evaluation Guidelines

Evaluator Expectations-

3rd party evaluators will be present for all the evaluations that CMB performs unless otherwise stated in CMB procedures. Third party evaluators hired by CMB must follow the following rules and procedures.

  • All evaluators must be ON the field for the duration of the evaluations
  • All evaluators must be focused on the performance of the player they are evaluating.
  • Evaluators will NOT be using their phones for any other reason than evaluating players. Evaluators are expected to download The Skill Shark app to be used during the evaluation process.
  • Evaluators are expected to watch the entire skill before marking down the result
  • Evaluators are expected to provide fair, unbiased evaluation scores.

Parent Expectations-

Parents are encouraged to gather around the turf area to watch their players participate in the evaluation process. Parents are to follow the following rules; failure to comply with these rules will result in the removal of the parent from the turf area and possibly the removal of their player from the evaluation process.

  • Parents will not come onto the bench area or the turf before or during the evaluation process
  • Parents will not approach or talk with the evaluators at any time.
  • Parents requiring any information or clarification can talk with a member of CMB. 

CMB Board Member Expectations-

CMB board member are expected to ensure that all individuals involved are working together in a fair, ethical and timely manner to ensure the most fair process possible. CMB board members are to ensure that all groups are abiding by the rules set out in this procedure.

Cochrane Minor Baseball Evaluation Guidelines

  • CMB will be using the Skill Shark app to track our evaluation process. This will be a more efficient and practical way of tracking the scores for each player.
  • Tryouts for Intermediate, Junior and Senior Teams will get three (3) tryout times. Players MUST attend at least one (1) tryout. Players who attend two (2) tryouts will have their two (2) scores averaged out. Players that attend three (3) tryouts will have their lowest score removed and the two (2) best scores will be averaged out.
  • Players trying out for the Major & Nationals (AA & AAA) program will get two (2) tryout times. Players MUST attend at least one (1) tryout. Players who attend two (2) tryouts will have their two (2) scores averaged out.
  • Players playing in the Minor and Major House Programs will get one (1) evaluation time. Players are strongly encouraged to attend to ensure the even displacement of talent for the house teams.
  • Players will arrive at the Turf and register to get there registration number. Third Party Evaluators will not know the players name.
  • Players will be evaluated based on the following scoring System:
    • Throwing / Fielding (Worth 25%)
      • Throwing Mechanics (5)
      • Fielding Range (5)
      • Arm Strength (5)
      • Overall Fielding / Throwing / Catching (10)
    • Hitting (Worth 40%)
      • Mechanics (10)
      • Power (10)
      • Contact (10)
      • Overall Hitting (10)
    • Pitching (Worth 25%)
      • Accuracy (10)
      • Mechanics (10)
      • Velocity (5)
    • Attitude / Effort / Focus (5%)
      • Having a good attitude, putting in a strong effort and having a solid focus will get you additional points. (5)
    • Running (5%)
      • Speed (Crush Teams Only) (5)

 Schedule (lists will be sent out early March with the days each player will be evaluated):

Minor House Evaluation Schedule:

Major House Evaluation Schedule: 


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