Player Evaluations

Crush Travel Baseball Evaluation Schedule 2017 

Thanks for your support of Cochrane Minor Baseball (CMB).  Crush Baseball teams are travel teams that play in Little League's Alberta District 3 at either the AA or AAA level.
Now that our registration is closed, we are pleased to send you detailed information about our evaluations.
Due to high registration numbers, we have had to amend our evaluation schedule (see below or on our website's home page or under the baseball evaluation tab).
Purpose of Evaluations
The evaluation process is important this season because we have more registered players trying out than available roster spots for Crush baseball travel teams at the Senior, Junior, Intermediate, Major and National divisions.  
No house leagues exist at the Senior, Junior and Intermediate divisions.  If a player is not selected to a Crush travel team in those divisions, he will be released and given the option to join a neighbouring association, either North West Little League or Foothills Little League, where there is space to accommodate our players.  Alternatively, the parents can receive a full refund.  
We realize that this will be disappointing to some players and their parents but this is our reality due to capacity constraints in Cochrane.
At the Major and National levels, if a player is not selected, he will be given the opportunity to play in our house program.

New Evaluation Schedule
Major and National (1 team each of 12 players)

March 29 5:45-7:00 @ Spray Lake Sawmill Rec Centre
April 4 5:45-7:00 @ Spray Lake Sawmill Rec Centre

Intermediate (2 teams of 12 players)

March 18 3:15-4:45 @ Spray Lake Sawmill Rec Centre
March 28 6:45-7:45 @ Spray Lake Sawmill Rec Centre
March 30 5:45-6:45 @ Spray Lake Sawmill Rec Centre

Junior (1 team of 12 players)

March 18 1:45-3:15 @ Spray Lake Sawmill Rec Centre
March 28 5:45-6:45 @ Spray Lake Sawmill Rec Centre
March 30 6:45-7:45 @ Spray Lake Sawmill Rec Centre

Senior (1 team of 12 players)

March 18 1:45-3:15 @ Spray Lake Sawmill Rec Centre
March 19 4:30-5:45 @ Spray Lake Sawmill Rec Centre
March 28 5:45-6:45 @ Spray Lake Sawmill Rec Centre

Evaluation Attendance
We would encourage all our players to attend as many evaluation sessions as they can to ensure that they properly showcase their skill level to our outside party evaluators, Absolute Baseball Academy.
We also understand that our players and families have other commitments and  we support our players participating in other sports and activities.  We will base our evaluation on the scores we obtain from our evaluators who will score our players during the sessions they attend.  We will then take the average of these sessions.
I am sure you can understand that in the spirit of fairness, a player will need to attend at least one session to be considered eligible for a travel team this season.
Coach Participation
We expect our coaching candidates to be present for each of their divisions' tryouts in order to be eligible for selection as a coach or assistant coach.  They will assist with running our skills stations but will not evaluate the players.

Evaluation Criteria
CLICK HERE for the general evaluation scorecard. 
CMB's evaluation will differ slightly and will be based on the following baseball skills with the maximum points allowed per category included in brackets:
- Speed (5)
- Catching in infield or outfield (5)
- Throwing in infield or outfield (5)
- Pitching (15)
- Hitting (15)
- Attitude and focus (5)
Another notable difference from the scorecard is that coaches will not be given any discretion for team selection.  The top 12 player scores per team will be selected.  
CMB Evaluation Committee
The evaluation process will be overseen by a CMB player and coach selection committee in order to ensure the highest level of honesty, transparency and ethical decision making.  
The committee will be made up of the following members from Cochrane Minor Baseball:

Vice President Baseball
Coach Coordinator
Umpire in Chief
Team Selection Parent Notification
An email will be sent to the parents of the player within 24 hours of the last evaluation session for that age group to inform them of the results.  We feel strongly that this feedback loop is the most appropriate and will allow parents to inform their players privately of the results and to deal personally with their children's corresponding emotions.  If questions should arise during the process, please direct them in writing, via email, to the undersigned.  We will answer all questions with honesty and integrity and will gladly show you our evaluators' scores and rankings.

Evaluation Equipment
Players should arrive 15 minutes before their scheduled practice time with their glove and wear regular running shoes and protective cups.  No baseball cleats, baseball bags, individual bats and helmets will be allowed on the turf.
I wish all our players good luck.

Paul Vaillancourt
Vice President Baseball
Cochrane Minor Baseball


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