Policies (Registration/Team Formation/Evaluations)

Program Governing Body

Cochrane Softball is affiliated with Calgary Minor Softball Association (CMSA).  CMSA provides the framework under which Cochrane Softball plays and is inclusive of but not limited to game/team definition, rules, officiating, discipline, administration/registration, insurance, etc.


  • Registration will be open from early January until March 1
  • Registration after March 1 will be accommodated if there is room
  • Registrations will be accepted to a maximum of two teams per age category (18 players for U10, 24 for U12/14/16/19). If numbers exceed the maximum a wait list will be created on a first come, first served basis.
  • Registration will be monitored.  If there is enough diamond capacity teams may be added.
  • Practices/evaluations may begin after March 1, depending on the age level. Ideally, teams will be formed by the end of March, allowing players to practice 'as a team' for the remaining indoor training sessions in April.

Team Formation

If there is more than one team in a category, evaluations will take place.  These evaluations may vary for each age group and different teams based on skill will be formed.  


  1. Junior team (generally first year players, some second year)
  2. Senior team (generally second year players, some first year)
  3. Evaluations may or may not be done


  1. Division 1, 2 or 3 teams will be formed based on evaluations


  1. Division 1, 2 or 3 teams will be formed based on evaluations

Cochrane Softball strives to find a place for all players. If there are too many for one team but not enough for two - players will be evaluated and placed accordingly.  Options include:

  • playing up a division (as an individual player or as a mixed age team)
  • over-aging in a lower age division (on an individual basis, must be approved by Calgary Minor Softball)

Team formation is decided in conjunction with the VP softball, evaluation team and possibly coaches of the affected age categories


The players are put through various drills to evaluate their general athletic ability and specific softball skills to ensure they are placed with players of similar skill level. Proper placement helps players enjoy the sport more.

Our goal is to make sure that players are placed on teams where they are sufficiently challenged but comfortable with the level of play and are able to develop as a player.

Players should arrive about 15 minutes before evaluations begin to register and receive an assigned number. There are typically two to three evaluation sessions, each beginning with a warm up which includes running, warm up stretches and throwing. Warm up is followed by a series of fielding, batting, throwing, pitching and catching drills. During these drills players are rated by several evaluators. In order to receive a proper evaluation players should attend all sessions but must attend a minimum of one session.

Scoring is kept simple to remain objective. Evaluators are looking for proper technique, accuracy and form during the evaluations but also look for attitude and athletic ability.

If a player registers late and misses evaluations, best efforts will be made to place them on the correct team based on skill. However, if placement based on skill is not an option, players will be placed on a team where there is room.

Friend requests

We understand that sport is social and enjoyment of friends is important. After evaluations, if it is possible within the team structure and fairness to all, Cochrane Softball will, on a best efforts basis, attempt to facilitate the request (both parties must make the request). This however, keeping player safety in mind, is not always possible depending on the player’s skills and the division the teams will be playing in.

We will ensure that siblings playing at the same level are on the same team. Cochrane Softball policy is such that if one sibling makes the division one team and the other makes the division two team the option will be for the division one player to move to the division two team.

If you are told that your request can not be met, please understand that there are limited players on a team and Cochrane Softball must still place a priority on player safety and having competitive and roster balanced teams. 

There are no friend requests considered for Division 1 teams at the U12/14/16 level.

Team Placement Appeals

In situations where the parent/player does not agree with the team selection, they may request the opportunity to present their case to two or more members of the board for review.

  • Decisions will be final and will be based on the best interest of the team(s), not the individual player(s)
  • If an appeal is made based on a friend request, team adjustments may be made, however, the player that evaluated higher must move to the lower division team. No exceptions.
  • No appeals will be rewarded for individuals who do not attend a minimum of one evaluation session. This includes those players that register after evaluations.




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